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Adding a Chart Title

The Chart Data toolbar appears.

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Gridlines can increase the readability of the chart by helping direct the eye from axis value to the value being charted. This is especially useful if you have a wide or tall chart. You can establish both major and minor gridlines. Generally, major gridlines are sufficient. NOTE: The button acts as a toggle switch. Was this article helpful? Yes No. This article is based on legacy software. Adding a Chart Title Chart titles should provide a concise summary of the information displayed.

Select your chart. From the Click here to add title text box, type a name for your chart Optional To reposition your chart title, From the chart, click the Chart Title text box. Move the cursor to the border of the text box so it displays a four-headed arrow. Click and drag the text box to the desired location. Release the mouse button. The chart title is repositioned. Working with Axes In charts, axes are the two lines that frame your data.

Changing the Interval of the Category Axis Both horizontal and vertical axes can be the Category axis. From the Categories list, select Scale In the Interval between tick marks text box, type the number of units you want between the tick marks of your chart's x-axis Click OK The scaling is applied. To change the intervals of the Value axis, Double click the Value axis you want to adjust.

The Format Axis dialog box appears. Click OK. The adjustments are applied. Adding an Axis Title Click the chart. Optional To reposition your axis title, From the chart, click the Axis Title text box. The axis title is repositioned.

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Changing the Display of the Axes You can alter chart axes in certain ways through the Layout command tab. Double click the desired axis. The Format axis dialog box appears. Adding a Legend A legend will help readers understand the graphical components of your chart.

This was a major upgrade that introduced the paper clip office assistant and featured standard VBA used instead of internal Excel Basic. It introduced the now-removed Natural Language labels. This version of Excel includes a flight simulator as an Easter Egg. Included in Office This was a minor upgrade, but introduced an upgrade to the clipboard where it can hold multiple objects at once. The Office Assistant, whose frequent unsolicited appearance in Excel 97 had annoyed many users, became less intrusive.

Included in Office XP. Very minor enhancements. Minor enhancements, most significant being the new Tables. This release was a major upgrade from the previous version. Similar to other updated Office products, Excel in used the new Ribbon menu system. This was different from what users were used to, and was met with mixed reactions.

One study reported fairly good acceptance by users except highly experienced users and users of word processing applications with a classical WIMP interface , but was less convinced in terms of efficiency and organisation. Added functionality included the SmartArt set of editable business diagrams. Also added was an improved management of named variables through the Name Manager , and much improved flexibility in formatting graphs, which allow x, y coordinate labeling and lines of arbitrary weight. Several improvements to pivot tables were introduced. Specifically, many of the size limitations of previous versions were greatly increased.

To illustrate, the number of rows was now 1,, 2 20 and columns was 16, 2 14 ; the far-right column is XFD. Included in Office , this is the next major version after v Minor enhancements and bit support, [86] including the following:. Included in Office , along with a lot of new tools included in this release:. Excel offers many user interface tweaks over the earliest electronic spreadsheets; however, the essence remains the same as in the original spreadsheet software, VisiCalc : the program displays cells organized in rows and columns, and each cell may contain data or a formula, with relative or absolute references to other cells.

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Excel became the first spreadsheet to allow the user to define the appearance of spreadsheets fonts, character attributes and cell appearance. It also introduced intelligent cell recomputation, where only cells dependent on the cell being modified are updated previous spreadsheet programs recomputed everything all the time or waited for a specific user command. Excel introduced auto-fill, the ability to drag and expand the selection box to automatically copy cell or row contents to adjacent cells or rows, adjusting the copies intelligently by automatically incrementing cell references or contents.

Excel also introduced extensive graphing capabilities. Because Excel is widely used, it has been attacked by hackers. While Excel is not directly exposed to the Internet, if an attacker can get a victim to open a file in Excel, and there is an appropriate security bug in Excel, then the attacker can get control of the victim's computer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Spreadsheet editor, part of Microsoft Office. A simple line chart being created in Excel, running on Windows Office Main article: Spreadsheet. Main article: Visual Basic for Applications. Main article: Microsoft Office password protection.

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Oxford University Press. Excel scientific and engineering cookbook.

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Microsoft Excel 97 Developer's Handbook. Microsoft Press. Excellent examples are developed that show just how applications can be designed. Data, statistics, and decision models with Excel.

Developing spreadsheet-based decision support systems: using Excel and VBA. Dynamic Ideas.

make line graph excel 2008 mac Make line graph excel 2008 mac
make line graph excel 2008 mac Make line graph excel 2008 mac
make line graph excel 2008 mac Make line graph excel 2008 mac
make line graph excel 2008 mac Make line graph excel 2008 mac
make line graph excel 2008 mac Make line graph excel 2008 mac

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