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A Linux theme called macOS Sierra does exactly that. To download it, enter these lines into your terminal:. You may already have a. Make sure to place it in the. The Gnome Yosemite icon theme closely matches the macOS appearance.

Basic Theming

Like application themes, the way to adjust them varies between desktops. The terminal commands below just focus on installing it:. The second command downloads a script that automatically installs and sets Gnome Yosemite as your icon theme. These 10 tips and tricks show you just how powerful it Read More first:. Apart from the Unity desktop, the other guides will assume you have Plank.

To install it, type this command in to your terminal:. Regardless of your desktop, this should start up Plank, along with its configuration window. This will make the dock look like the one in macOS once you make some adjustments later on. To do this, enter this command into your terminal:. But what do you do once you've installed Ubuntu Read More. As you can see, Unity already has a dock and a menu bar by default. All you need to do is make some visual adjustments. This is easily achieved using the Unity Tweak Tool, which allows you to change some hidden desktop options.

Install it with this terminal command:. Having installed it, open up the tool by searching for it in the Unity menu. In the Unity Tweak Tool, return to the Overview menu. From there, go into the Theme entry located under the Appearance category.

From there, select the Macos-sierra-master theme. Your applications should now have a very Mac-like feel to them. The theme also comes with a nice wallpaper. This allows you to enter in a location:. Select the always displayed option underneath it. If you followed the instructions at the beginning of the article, you should now have a dock.

Install it with this command:. Open up the program by typing in gnome-tweak-tool to the terminal. Alternately, you can just search for the program in your activities menu. Navigate to the Startup Applications entry. From there, just add Plank. Both your application windows and the Plank dock should change in appearance. As a final touch, change your wallpaper by heading to the Desktop section in the Tweak Tool. In there, click on the Background Location button. A Mac-like one is located with your theme named Wallpaper. You might have to show hidden files to see this folder.

With the release of Plasma 5. If so, then you really ought to consider KDE neon. Read More to make use of it — it should be relatively stable and reliable. As of Plasma 5.

How to make Ubuntu look like MacOS Mojave! (Apple meets Linux) Ubuntu Customization Guide

Click on the hazard sign inside it. This will open up a settings window that will let you change how application menu bars are displayed. Your mileage may vary! I suggest using similar widgets to the bottom panel. You should be able to find Plank located under Utilities. This stops you from manually starting the dock every time you log in to your desktop.

Interestingly, Plasma puts its icon themes in a different location. Use these terminal commands to do this:. Then, change your icon theme to Yosemite Icons. Search for a theme called Breezemite and install it. Set it as your decoration theme. Finally, to hide the toolbox in the corner of your desktop, click on it and select Configure Desktop. In the Tweaks menu that will pop up, disable the Show the desktop toolbox option. Ever wanted to customize your Linux desktop, but just couldn't find that one perfect theme?

If Cinnamon is your current desktop environment, creating your own theme is easy to learn. Read More looks more like Windows than macOS. Fortunately, this is very easy to change.

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This should leave you with something a bit more Mac-like. Afterwards, remove the desktop icons in the panel by right-clicking on them, and selecting the Remove option. You may also remove the window list applet if you prefer it to a global menu by right-clicking on it, selecting Configure the window list , then clicking the Remove button. An extension for Cinnamon called Global AppMenu [No longer available] provides the desktop with a menu bar.

The app itself is apparently going to be ported to GNOME soon, but at this point in time, it works fine. For the Linux Mint Cinnamon community here is a special version: NEW How to install: There is 5 files to choose: Next OSX uses titlebuttons on the left-side: To put the buttons to the left open a terminal: When, as such, theming does not look the way it should be: This has different names depending on your distro.

The themes for upload are in no way affiliated to any official Apple software, and are presented under the GPlv2. Last changelog: Update 1 month ago Update. Please login or register to add a comment. Changes to version 1: Especially the new Thunar looks allot thinner. This version is primarily to address issues with the exceptionally large resize-area around SSD-windows.

Added a Gnome Please login. McOS-themes Original. Update 1 month ago Update comments. Do you really want to report this comment? Etamuk 21 days ago Thank you for this great themes. Imo this is the best MacOS-theme for Linux! There are a lot of versions, but yours is really great!

Make Unity Look Like macOS

I am using it on my Linux Mint Cinnamon system. I think it should be Mac-like blue?

A quick way to make Linux Mint look like Mac OS X - Linux Mint Community

This version has not this nice blue dropdown arrows for dropdown-menus. There is also no Close-button in nemo settings window. Best regards. Etamuk 19 days ago Hello again, i found another "bug": I am using the mail app geary, installed from her PPA. Please see my screenshots. Etamuk 19 days ago I found a workaround for this bug by delaying autostart 5 sec for this app. I deleted all my other themes. But i have some problems about this theme, it would be greater if you could solve this problem.

Because all mails are seeing white and hard to discriminate between read or unread mails. May you set unreaded mails text colour white and read mails colour grey? Thanks again PowderLinux 1 month ago Hey. Which icon pack would you recommend to accent this beautiful theme? Keep up the good work.

I installed on Ubuntu However, the panel remains on the left after I applied the theme with Tweaks. Is there any step I missed? The icons however depend on the icon-theme.

linux mint 16 mac os theme Linux mint 16 mac os theme
linux mint 16 mac os theme Linux mint 16 mac os theme
linux mint 16 mac os theme Linux mint 16 mac os theme
linux mint 16 mac os theme Linux mint 16 mac os theme
linux mint 16 mac os theme Linux mint 16 mac os theme
linux mint 16 mac os theme Linux mint 16 mac os theme

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