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Externally, the Mac mini continues to use the same white plastic and aluminum design that it has sported since it was introduced. The mini still requires you to supply your own keyboard, mouse, and display, and luckily there are plenty of ways to connect these peripherals.

How To: Replace the RAM in a Mac Mini (Core Duo)

And though the Internally, the mini mixes the new with the old. Running at clock speeds of either 1.

The 1. You can find the RAM cheaper through a third-party online store, but be forewarned that installing the RAM requires the use of a putty knife and a little bit of nerve. The Core 2 Duo chipset also contains a bit SSE3 vector engine; this can process twice the amount of data per cycle than the Core Duo processor, which can handle only 64 bits at a time. The new Mac minis offer 5,rpm hard drives with a higher capacity than those in the last batch, too, with an 80GB drive in the 1. The Mac mini represents a complicated marketing and engineering juggling act—striving for the best performance possible while maintaining a small size and affordable price.


Mac mini (Mid 2007)

And though many people complain about its limited graphics capabilities and sluggish hard drive, there is a reason the Mac Pro and other high-performance workstations are so large. Higher performance components tend to run hotter and therefore need more space and cooling fans—and they cost a great deal more, too.

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Though it would be great to be able to have our computing cake and eat it too, the Mac mini does do a nice job of balancing cost, performance, and size limitations. Looking at the benchmarks, you can see the improvement provided by the Core 2 Duo processors in the results of our processor-intensive tests.

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In our Photoshop test, for instance, the 1. The new 2GHz Mac mini was 24 percent faster than the older model in that test. Compressor scores showed even more dramatic improvement, with the 1. Another place where the iMac has the advantage is in the realm of 3-D graphics.

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What type of RAM do they use? How much RAM do they actually support? There are five different lines of Intel Mac mini models with polycarbonate cases released from through and these five lines use two different types of memory.

Capacity varies between different lines and almost all of these models actually are capable of supporting more memory than "officially" reported. Photo Credit: Apple, Inc.

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If you're not sure which polycarbonate Intel Mac mini model you have, these models can be most precisely identified by the model identifier in software for the purposes of upgrading the RAM. More details are provided in EveryMac. More specifically, if it is a polycarbonate Intel Mac mini, you should see a model identifier of either Macmini1,1 , Macmini2,1 or Macmini3,1.

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These models also can be externally identified via model number and EMC number , both of which are in small type on the underside of the case toward the ports. However, third-parties have discovered that the "Core 2 Duo" powered models actually can support 4 GB of memory with dual 2 GB memory modules.

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Server 2. This is the same limitation shared by the "Late " MacBook Pro models. As originally shipped, they both officially and unofficially supported 4 GB of RAM as speculated at the time due to an artificial EFI limitation rather than a true technical limitation. For those interested in serious effort, and who have the requisite technical skills, it also is possible to "hack" the Macmini1,1 to support 4 GB of RAM, but with the limitation that not all memory above 3 GB will be accessible by the system.

A clever hacker sporting the moniker of " Shinso " posted a step-by-step tutorial in the Netkas forums that explains how to first upgrade the processor in these models to a Core 2 Duo and then how to upgrade the firmware to the same version as that used by the Macmini2,1. This method of swapping the processor and firmware essentially "tricks" the system into recognizing the Mac as a Macmini2,1 model. Apple does not provide instructions for end users to upgrade the RAM in the Intel-powered polycarbonate Mac mini, and instead warns that "additional memory should be installed by an Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Consequently, EveryMac. Given the small and densely packed nature of the Intel-based Mac mini models this is not the ideal system to upgrade yourself without previous experience upgrading the RAM in similar systems.

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Ram upgrade mac mini 2007

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