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Postagem Relacionadas. With these online or web apps and services, you mostly do not need to download and install them into your computer for using them—you just need to open up a web browser and use them online, or access them in a web browser with their add-ons or extensions where applicable. Acabam de Homenagear o Fill Jr.

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No Manners Ele esta ha preparar o Sunangai Vol. Jopping Instrumental A production exhibited on TV, internet or radio that does not qualify as a commercial, promo or branded content. Mouse over the album you want to share and click the middle icon that appears see right. Discover music on Discogs, the largest online music database.

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Bitbucket gives teams one place to plan projects, collaborate on code, test, and deploy. Cancel Confirm. Child Evangelism Fellowship is a Bible-centered organization composed of born-again believers whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish disciple them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living. It is a musical journey filled with psychedelic beats and clever flows.

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Always different, paradoxical, unpredictable yet somehow familiar. Suryakant sings with the detached, rueful elegance of Sinatra marooned on a desert island, whilst his band create small space-time capsules which navigate their way through genres and eras — including the future — and between nostalgia and eccentricity. Throw them all together, and it equates less to a listening experience and more to an out-of-body experience. This month, Saint Petersburg producer Volta Cab unleashes three tracks of shadowy dance goodness under the name Rambal Cochet. Its sinister undertones will haunt you and the punchy-driving groove with bring the dance floor to a frenzy.

Oder diese zumindest andeutet. Ein Bogen spannt sich. Pop Techno?

Pop Ambient? Ambient Pop? Formate: - Limitierte 2LP inkl. The Vision arrive with their first original output, where the Bristol-Boston collab deliver a soulful dose of house goodness. This release shows the music obsessed pair take inspiration from deep in their record collections, and as more releases build up in the pipeline for this is an exciting preview of things to come. Patience began as bedroom synth project for songwriter Roxanne Clifford after the break up of her acclaimed indie pop band Veronica Falls. The album dances around melancholy, thrown to the floor like a bad dream to be circled, emerging bright-eyed into the early morning full of hope.

The bouncy production expertly renders the addictive power of our ephemeral pleasures. On No Roses, a Vince Clarkesque production belies a sunburnt sadness. On Moral Damage, former Veronica Falls bandmate Marion Herbain joins Clifford on an anglo-french duet that feels instant and spontaneous, a cutting comment on emotional accountability. You can just make him out in his hobnail boots, peering from behind the sandwich board, wink, wink. The rough and the tough, wrestled wrists and fools with crooked smiles all make an appearance as Terry sing as one over snare snaps and keyboard croaks.

Their gang vocal approach never sounding more resolute. Their alliterative lyrics always sharp as tacks, their sense of melody and beat sunk deep in the heart of now.

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Known for her tastemaking dj sets steeped in upcoming exclusives and unknown rarities as well as her essential monthly radio show on NTS it seemed only right that she should start her own imprint. Respectful to the originators whilst keeping an eye firmly on the future. Named after the theoretical breakdown of the basic elements of conscious experience, Alfa Mist's latest album 'Structuralism' is based around a conversation between Mist and his sister, discussing themes of debate culture and personal growth and is an intricate and profound glimpse into the East London artist's battles with self and the societal pressures that inform our own conscious experience.

After two years of silence and two tracks surreptitiously posed on the canvas, it is with the four captivating titles of the Ep 'Bleu Nuit' that the group finally confirms its talent to the general public. Sure of the direction to borrow, they take the time it takes to carry these four pieces to maturity. Recorded in more than a year between Paris and Normandy, this ep poses its singular and vaporous borrowing, floating somewhere between the spirit of the Pink Floyd and Brian Eno. He pioneered the whole italo sound, with incredibly ahead of their time productions going right back back too '70's.

DISCO FIZZ' contain 'San Salvador', one of the most covered disco tracks of all time, which has reared its head under countless of remixes and cover versions, however if you dig a little deeper this album is packed full of incredible and timeless italo disco: 'Anytime Or Place' literally jumps out the speakers to get you moving, while 'Exalt-Exalt' showcases their take on the darker side of electronic disco.

The record is officially reprinted on LP for the 1st time from original master tapes, and includes a sticker inside. A must-have for any DJs. Mixed In Berlin.

Mac Miller - Self Care

An upbeat positive and spiritual groove paves the way for our new 'Jazz45' label. Taken from the forthcoming album 'Earth' from Emanative, with a sublime vocal performance from Ahu. Margot Records was born in in Riccione Italy from the stable relationship and friendship of the two musicians and djs Pepe and Giaga. They created it to make their music more freely, without impositions, with an own identity, fascinated on every kind of test. Without always being aware that he has gold in his voice, and Paul Simon's melodies in his fingers.

With his group Dardevil Christopher Right or solo, JE Sunde has played everything that the country has of small indie venues. After two albums released in the United States, JE Sunde releases his songs for the first time in Europe as a best-of album available on June 7. A true Tony Humphries, Southport and soul collectors favourite finally getting a full single release. On the flipside, the calmer 'Tao' takes Fonseca's keyboards towards more eastern territory, conjuring up a dreamy synthesized new age vibe. Lena's beautiful fado hued notes hang poignantly across bothsongs.

The aptly titled EP2 is yes, you guessed it! On paper, it might strike one as a strange duo.

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  • And Georgopoulos has been busy creating minimalistic classical music for RVNG and most recently made waves with his critically-acclaimed album Zebra, which combined elements of 4th World and cosmic jazz. All the tracks making up EP2 were made as live performances. No overdubs. Nothing "in the box". Just classic hardware and a strong vibe.

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