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Need on-premise control? The server-based alternative to Bluebeam Studio, Studio Enterprise, makes it easier and faster than ever for organizations to collaborate and share information in a controlled environment. House collaboration Projects and Sessions on your organization's local server.

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The difference? With Studio Enterprise, IT administrators have the ability to easily control security access, monitor Studio activity, and set user and file permissions—all behind their own firewalls. Bluebeam Studio Prime. Take the next step in digital collaboration.

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Bluebeam Studio Prime is a cloud-based subscription solution, which includes all the features of Bluebeam Studio plus additional administrative functionality. Control users' access to managed Projects and Sessions, and download in-depth reports on all Studio activity, all without a seat of Revu. Just choose the pricing level that best fits your business needs, and start collaborating! Session Expiring! Do you want to reset? Toggle navigation. In order to invest in this long-term vision, we have made the decision to begin the process of winding down the Revu for Mac product.

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The important details to know for Bluebeam Mac users follow into this list of releases and dates and end of support. As follows:. We have heard directly from Bluebeam about this announcement and have addressed questions to their VP of Product, Kristine Hopkins, about what this means in the larger sense. While the news, on the face of it, feels immediately disappointing, the silver lining in the news amounts to this: the company is focusing their resources on cloud-based solutions that touch far more users more evenly, across various platforms and devices—including Mac.

From a statement to Architosh. The company told Architosh that they announced their intention to reposition investments in a data-driven, mobile, and collaborative ecosystem of solutions at XCON , their annual user conference, in Austin in September of The company told Architosh that while this news may seem sudden, they are merely increasing their investments around decisions they have made quite a while ago. What we have learned from Bluebeam is that project is separate.

Revu for Mac users have perpetual licenses and the software will continue to work beyond assuming users freeze their system updates to form a stable Bluebeam Mac machine. Both before and after that March date Revu for Mac users will still be able to initiate and attend Bluebeam Studio sessions, says the company. Essentially, Revu for Mac 2. Once bugs begin to emerge affecting the application, at that point the utility of their perpetual license essentially ends. Around that time, the company should have new cloud-based solutions for all users across devices and OSs.

What we feel is happening around this decision is a sense of increased urgency. Bluebeam now feels the need to increase its investment in building out its cloud-based ecosystem of solutions. The company has formidable competitors in their space. While Bluebeam enjoys a healthy market share leadership among the construction industry, in particular, it must continue to innovate at a rapid pace.

Meanwhile, we have no news on the Nemetschek CDE initiative other than it is ongoing , which is meant to be based around Bluebeam technology at its core. This was corrected. So, our firm was one of the unfortunate souls to invest in the beta testing and purchase of Revu Mac.

Bluebeam Revu

We spent years using Acrobat Pro, and hated it. Preview is underpowered. PlanGrid is proprietary and not really a PDF tool at all. Why is there such a gaping hole in something that Macs should excel in?!

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The best hope is that Bluebeam gets to the big replacement solution as quickly as possible. Each issue arrives in your inbox on the first Sunday of the month. Issue 1 in your inbox March 3,

bluebeam revu alternative for mac Bluebeam revu alternative for mac
bluebeam revu alternative for mac Bluebeam revu alternative for mac
bluebeam revu alternative for mac Bluebeam revu alternative for mac
bluebeam revu alternative for mac Bluebeam revu alternative for mac
bluebeam revu alternative for mac Bluebeam revu alternative for mac
bluebeam revu alternative for mac Bluebeam revu alternative for mac

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