Mac applications folder icon missing

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By default, Launchpad will search the Applications folder for new additions. In these cases, you should find the app you downloaded and manually move them to the Applications folder. Luckily, you can add an app to Launchpad fairly easily. Note: Some system apps, like Apple News, may be hidden within the Applications folder. Sometimes, the Launchpad can become corrupt — in which case it may be necessary to have macOS repair or rebuild it. After that, restart your computer by clicking on the Apple icon and selecting Restart.

At this point, macOS should reset the Launchpad which is controlled by the dock. If you Get Info for the app, do you see the icon then?

How to Fix: Can't Find Applications Folder on Mac

Be sure to also look at the "Preview" section of the Get Info window. That app that you show is on your Desktop. If you move the app to another folder, does the icon appear in that folder? Be sure to change the folder view to List view, then back to Icon view to watch for any changes. Does the icon ever appear? Be sure to try a restart did you do that already?

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Try the same in a different user account. Create a new account just for this purpose. That will help determine if your icon issue is only within that one user, or is system-wide. Did you ever get the pixellated icons in PSE fixed?

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  • If not, perhaps that issue is related to what you have now I also see that you have a custom icon for your HD Did you use a simple copy-n-paste for that icon, or are you using any software that gives you a variety of sets of icons, to customize your desktop and user appearance? I don't know of any that work well on newer versions of OS X.

    That's another reason to be sure to test with a different user account. Substantial appearance mods would likely be gone, and your system would then show appearance defaults. There is a preference-Saving files File saving options, Make sues Image previews is set to never save no icons, no windows thumbnails I just copied and pasted for the HD icon from some icons I got from OWC.

    Resolve the Issue of Dock Icons that Go Missing All the Time

    For today's problem in icon is shown in get info and the preview shows a blank document icon. See attached. Is there any change if you restart your Mac now? Do you have any idea when the icons stopped showing? Only on apps that I downloaded and not every one. I don't know when this started. Can you finally tell me that you tried restarting your Mac?

    That may be all you need to do! Did you check that the problem exists or not with a different user? My suggestion would be to log out, then log in to a different user, then download an app that you can't get to show the icon. You could try the same app that you mentioned here.

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    ONLY on apps that you have recently downloaded. Now the other question is more relevant: Do you see icons on downloaded apps when you are logged in to another user account? Yes the icon is visible when viewed from another account. It's just in your user account. This fixed the existing app download but not newly downloaded app. The app is "photobatcher" I tried downloading it from Macupdate. Viewscan, for instance downloads fine. Try downloading "photobatcher". Of course, the issue is not a corrupted download, but that your Mac is not displaying the app's icon - and for unknown reasons up to this point.

    Re-downloading the same app for a system issue, seems kind of pointless to me The app still works, correct? I would suggest trying that as a first tip, any time you see odd visual effects on your Mac. I did try downloading "photo batcher" directly from the apps developer, and it appears fine for me. And, I suppose it also still is good for you when you are logged in to the other user account?

    Are you using any type of download "helper" app, such as Speed Download, or SpeedTao? If you are, you could try disabling, or uninstalling that helper.

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