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You simply prove my point. I know how to search for that in Linux, but the average Joe user won't be using the terminal. You have to escape it the same in the OS X terminal, but who does that? Spotlight hides that for you, as it should. And so should MuseScore. In reply to You simply prove my point. I by cwhysall. But if s he'd use the terminal, s he might not know about those quirks and that's by far the more common case. Again, just because you personally on your computer running your favorite OS knows how to avoid the problems inherent in using spaces, don't assume that the entire world does or that they will never run into those cases.

That's just the way it is, and no amount of wishing it weren't so will change it. It's been this way for decades and is not going to change today or any day soon - not until AI is perfected. There is just a very fundamental problem with spaces in filenames that cannot help but be an issue in any situation where you might possible be asked or allowed to type a filename. There is simply no way for a program to always know whether My First Score. In a "Save As" dialog, it obviously means a single file, but in any other context, it just won't be obvious. Pretending it isn't a problem won't sovle it.

In reply to The average Joe encounters by Marc Sabatella. You are contradicting yourself here. I can't think of many situations except file creation where someone needs to type a file name. I assume that we are talking about windowing GUIs. I don't know anything about knowing how to avoid "the problems inherent in using spaces" as I don't know of any when using a GUI. What is interesting that is coming out of this debate is that you seem to be promulgating an idea that just because of some low-level issues that are a legacy of early computing, the whole world should learn to use their natural language differently.

I'm afraid you will never get me to agree with that. Databases also have problems with spaces and many other characters that people use in their natural language. They deal with them quietly and invisibly. And so it should be. Isn't that what computers are good at? The first time I used a credit card on-line seemingly a long time ago now I was surprised that it was rejected. I had entered it as it appeared on the card. I eventually realised that someone hadn't had the nounce to write a little bit of Javascript to remove the spaces.

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I don't expect it to happen these days. In reply to You are contradicting by cwhysall. I'm glad you never encounter the very real problems that can occur when using spaces in filenames. But please just accept they are real even though you personally have never encountered them. It's not just about ancient OS's.

It's inherent in the whole idea. GUI's can protect you to some extent, but not fully. It doesn't matter how well MuseScore itself handles them - we can't rewrite the web protocols or every shell script or plugin in the world or even GUI programs that invoke other processes using system instread of exec or that ask you type multiple filenames on a single line, etc.

In reply to I'm glad you never encounter by Marc Sabatella. Marc, I was happy to let this drop a long time ago, but no one seemed to pick up on the distance from the real-world, non-computer technical composer and the low-down grubby world of low-level computer operating systems.

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The whole point of the GUI being to protect the real world from it. I know very well what goes on below, I've worked with it long enough. So I would not thik of insulting you or any of the team. I think you have and will continue to do a briliant job. This issue is the only niggle I have with the software. I only commented in the first place so that the original poster would know he was not alone in being puzzled by it.

In reply to The songs are not called … by Nico Kompier. They are still potentially causing the same issues discussed here. And if you don't like this, use Save As. As a default file-naming convention I feel it has many advantages not the least of which is that you don't overwrite the original. In reply to As a default file-naming by underquark. The big problem with all of this approach is that it is nerdy and geeky and doesn't present MuseScore as a friendly program that non-computer geeks will be comfortable with.

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It is confusing to them. Thus the technical reasons for adding underscores is baffling to them. Underscores are also not the most convenient character. I imagine plenty of people don't even know where it is on their keyboard. You really have to take the Apple approach to design in these areas and ask what is most familiar to the user? No-one speaks or writes with underscores. In reply to The big problem with all of by cwhysall.

But users don't need to know where that key is, MuseScore adds that all by itself and in a GUI file selector you'd never have to enter it yourself, you'd just point and double click it. Spaces in filenames are evil, period.

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If you want them, add them yourself, but don't force them upon others. In reply to the underscore is at exactly by Jojo-Schmitz.

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On my Mac there are hundreds of thousands of files with spaces in the file name and it is no problem. I cannot accept the assertion that they are 'evil'. If you want underscores add them yourself but don't force me to use them. In reply to On my Mac there are hundreds by sjha.

Good, then we are agreed - you are not forced to use them. Simply choose not to accept the default when offered. La Grande Guida a BitTorrent.

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Procediamo ora a creare una nuova macchina virtuale cliccando sul grande pulsante Nuova nell'interfaccia di VirtualBox. Selezionate dunque la VM appena creata nella lista di macchine gestite da VirtualBox e cliccate Modifica. Sotto Sistema , tab Scheda madre: Sempre sotto Sistema , scheda Processore: Se invece avete un semplice dual-core, potete tentare di lasciare 1. Conosci meglio il tuo computer con Speccy. Support for SMP will be provided in a future release. Paolo Albert: We have been organizing training courses for a long time, today with an increasingly large and international audience we address directly to schools where graphics and design are taught and to partners who have added PubCoder to their tools.

What is the reason for this choice and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this format? Paolo Albert: The fixed format allows the creative to have control of the content pixel by pixel. For example, a ball bouncing from point A to point B will have to have specific coordinates every time the proportions of the project change. ELR: In your article published on medium. Taking your cue from this intuition, how do you think digital publishing technology will develop?

Paolo Albert: If we think that the hype of the moment are audiobooks, there are very promising developments related to the application of new AI tools to this type of product, I think for example of Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo. The challenge for publishers, once again, is to be able to seize opportunities without necessarily experiencing them as a threat. How have the market and the way of selling and distributing electronic books developed in the 20 years from ? Paolo Albert: Amazon was the first engine of e-book development. The downside is that the Seattle-based company sees the book as purely commercial.

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On the other hand, this pure commercial interest is also the cross of the e-book, in the sense that there is little propensity to innovate the format, if it is not supported or justified by purely commercial reasons. Amazon, still today, is the undisputed master of the market, and any discussion of growth and future can only pass through their clutches. However, the new format has struggled to spread. Paolo Albert: PubCoder is an authoring software and allows you to export a file that is totally in the hands of its author.

So, no doubt: go to the W3C website without wasting any more time! Thanks to her long working experience, which began in the early nineties, various projects for various Italian companies and her work as a teacher, we are able to obtain a broader vision of the digital publishing sector.

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Can you tell us how your passion for digital publishing came about? Michela Di Stefano: I started training in as a computer technician in a company that sold the first Apple computers to typography and advertising agencies. I saw the first models of Mac computers and the first versions of the software still in black and white! Then I had other professional experiences: web designer, large format printing and gadgets, until I decided to set up my own business in with the recognition by Adobe of the title of Adobe Guru.

The discovery of digital publishing came in when the print market began to be truly inflated and a market in which it was increasingly difficult to make the quality of service prevail over the lowest price. When I bought my first iPad, I was presented with a real mirage: an absolutely new, stimulating and unexplored market in which we could express our expertise, our values and in which it was not possible to improvise as it requires real technical preparation to be able to distribute on the stores and to be able to stay up to date on the continuous changes and updates in this sector.

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I can say that we fell in love with this market and even today we still get great satisfaction from the projects we realize, many more than those we collect for the realization of traditional publishing projects. ELR: You work in companies, communication agencies, typographies and training institutes. How is digital publishing technology used in these areas?

come si fa il trattino basso su mac Come si fa il trattino basso su mac
come si fa il trattino basso su mac Come si fa il trattino basso su mac
come si fa il trattino basso su mac Come si fa il trattino basso su mac
come si fa il trattino basso su mac Come si fa il trattino basso su mac
come si fa il trattino basso su mac Come si fa il trattino basso su mac
come si fa il trattino basso su mac Come si fa il trattino basso su mac

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