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Courtney Barnett is one of the most distinctive and compelling voices in indie rock, a singer-songwriter who mixes deeply insightful observations with devastating self-assessment. With countless awards in her home of Australia as well as Grammy and BRIT nominations, fawning press and an adoring audiences, Barnett's rise to global prominence feels both unprecedented and important.

Music fans have rarely witnessed the breathless acclaim and superlatives that comprised reviews of Barnett's debut album "Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Think" -- Rolling Stone praised her as "one of the sharpest, most original songwriters around -- at any level, in any genre Barnett's newest songs reveal myriad layers of meaning in seemingly every line, all the while accompanied by her own face-melting guitar and one of the best rhythm sections in rock.

Her increasingly unusual song-structures, timbres and moods hint at future ambition while her glorious, feed-back heavy live show has eviscerated audiences on 5 continents. Quinn XCII blurs the lines between pop, electronic, hip-hop, and soul music. After two breakthrough, independently released EPs that helped build a large following and caught the attention of the music industry and listeners, he released his debut album "The Story of Us" in September via Columbia Records.

The album peaked at 6 on the iTunes Pop Charts. Off the success of the album, Quinn XCII went on to sell out two consecutive North American headline tours in the Fall of and Spring of , selling over 60, tickets. He also went on his first headline tours in Europe and Australia. He currently has over 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify where he has over million streams across his catalogue. Defining success is not an exact science by any means.

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Perhaps those who best thrive in those scenarios are the ones who can navigate through all noise and continue to evolve and grow, both in their skill sets and as individuals. In many ways, that is an integral part of the Atmosphere story. Over their twenty-year career they have managed to continually tweak and strive to perfect their formula, while neither straying too far off their path, nor resorting to playing it safe. Instead, the Atmosphere discography evolves in a natural way. Those experiences tuned his ear, molded his work ethic, and shaped his vision.

In turn, those lessons have continually become more prominent in the Atmosphere aesthetic, blending live musicians and sampled production with his keen sense of how to compose a well-arranged song. As for the lyrics, Slug started his passion for rhyming with an obsessive-like penchant for the way words intersect, as well as how those words can be manipulated for unexpected and clever meanings.

But, at the same time, early on Slug expressed an interest in doing more than simply proving he could be witty, but also writing about subjects that speak to people personally, as well as emotionally. Early on in their careers, Atmosphere stepped beyond the genre lines and performed shows through out the Twin Cities with Rock bands, Punk Rock bands, and Jazz Ensembles. This was directly influenced by the fact that both of them were already fans of a wide range of music. Although this was a natural reaction to being a fan of the music, that experience also afforded Atmosphere, and their Rhymesayers peers, the opportunity to witness first-hand the D.

Y ethos shared by some of these other musical movements. These strategies found Atmosphere expanding their tours into cities that few, if any, Rap artists were including in their routing. The result is a storied connection between the artists and the listeners, which has grown into long-term Atmosphere fans passing down that experience to their children and so on, and thus continually ushering in a new generation of Atmosphere fans.

Early on in their touring excursions, Atmosphere shows were noted in history for challenging the idea that Hip Hop audiences had to be filled exclusively with scowl-faced males fueled by ego and testosterone.

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Instead they created an environment that invited women to join in on the party. All of these factors have led to a fan base that ranges from ages and beyond, and one that remains solid, as well as ever evolving. Nor has time revealed any diminishing of those qualities that have brought them this far.

The answer, a resounding no, is found in the music, a collection of songs that both define and redefine the Atmosphere sound. Their passion and creative spark are as illuminate as ever. Slug and Ant still have plenty of stories to tell…. In turn, those lessons have continually become more prominent in the Atmosphere aesthetic, blending live musicians and sampled production with his keen sense of how to compose….

With 60 hit songs under his belt and two Grammy trophies on his mantle, T-Pain has cemented himself as one of the most influential artists of all time. But even he needed a bit of time to himself to reload. After a successful run of 1 hits, albums, tours and a plethora of cameo appearances, T-Pain took some time off to enjoy the fruits of his labor and perfect his craft. In , T-Pain has returned and he is back and better than ever. T-Pain is showing no signs of slowing down and has proven that he only gets better with time.

Standing on the front porch of his childhood home, Vic Mensa points to a gas station on the main road adjacent to his block. In his eyes it was clear he was reliving the moment as he told it. On his long-awaited debut album The Autobiography , Vic Mensa taps into pivotal moments in his life, reliving each one from one track to the next.

Certain instances chose my race for me.



He punctuates that sentiment with a story from the age of 11, where he was riding his bicycle and pulled off by police who mistook him for another kid who ran from them the day before. A Roc Nation deal was the result. The project brought a level of emotional discourse that Mensa never introduced in previous works.

That very scenario that almost cost him his life years back by leaping over train tracks during a chase and gripping a voltage-carrying rail where he was nearly electrocuted to death. He has the tattoo of the volts over the scars to prove it. His full-length debut The Autobiography will incorporate many of the unabridged versions of his experiences and thoughts described on the EP.

While Mensa has poured every ounce of his emotions and thoughts into his debut album—visually reliving them in the music—his mission remains clear. Hudson and Jesse Rutherford The Neighbourhood. If you can't believe that Taking Back Sunday have been around for 20 years, you're not alone, because they can't either. Although the pride of Long Island have had a handful of member changes over the years, the current lineup of the band -- vocalist Adam Lazzara, guitarist John Nolan, drummer Mark O'Connell and bassist Shaun Cooper -- have all been there since the beginning.

By now you know the basic history of the band, so we thought it'd be apt to look back at the fact that almost none of it happened Eddie had started enough bands that he was like, 'I know how to do this, I can just call one guy. When it started out, there was a lot more likelihood that it would fizzle out in a few months than it would last a few years.

I tried out, and basically after we jammed for a couple of hours Eddie was like, 'All right, you're in. You have to get some different equipment though One day my brother said, 'Hey, my friend is looking for a drummer and he wanted to know if you wanted to try out. I remembered Eddie was the jerk who would yell at me and Shaun and all of our friends in front of Shaun's house when we would hang out there because he would be going to Movielife practice.

So I said, 'No, I don't want to play in a band with that guy. On my first tryout I remember walking in and seeing John, Antonio and then guess who's there?

Mac bre-z Booty so big - Da kandi lady

Eddie Reyes. I was like, 'Oh, what's up, man? How are you doing? I had just moved back to Greensboro from Wilmington and I didn't really have anything going on aside from delivering Chinese food, so I really wanted to be playing music. I ended up in a booth with Eddie and Antonio at the after show hangout spot, Waffle House, after an ill-fated Sons Of Abraham show and heard they needed a bass player for their new project. They said, 'Yeah, you should come up.

A few weeks later I got a call from Eddie [who] said, 'If you want to do this, we have some shows coming up.

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Looking back now it's funny because I was like, 'I'm moving to New York, it's going to be so sick. It was just like North Carolina When he joined Taking Back Sunday, I begged him to get me a bass audition. At first Mark told me that since I was so unreliable in our previous bands that he couldn't vouch for me, so I got serious, enrolled in night classes at a local college and tried to get my act together. About a month later, Mark noticed a change but sadly some kid from North Carolina was ditching everything he knew to move to New York to play bass in the band.

Adam was a good bass player but he had a manic, magnetic energy on stage that everyone in the crowd was captivated by.

Live Long Media: Finest LifeStyle (Mac BRE-Z )

Suddenly Antonio was out and Eddie made Adam put down the bass and grab a microphone. Mark got me a tryout for the band December 26, I played along to the demo day and night, made myself fall in love with those songs and played my first show at our friend's house a few days later on New Year's Eve. Taking Back Sunday may have started out like most of their peers by playing local shows and recording demos; however, unlike most of those peers they went on to sign to a major label, tour alongside Linkin Park and become international superstars.

That said, they still speak of the band's early days as if they just happened yesterday.

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  • It was a tiny place that held people but you could sense something had changed," Lazzara recalls. We were just thinking, 'that was the best thing ever. Everyone was going nuts and that really stands out to me as being one of the defining moments of Taking Back Sunday. Additionally, fans will be able to hear two newly recorded songs, which hint at the direction that Taking Back Sunday are heading in the coming years. Musical legacy aside, ultimately what's most impressive is the fact that after two decades and countless successes, Taking Back Sunday have managed to preserve that initial spark that excited them as teenagers.

    That fact alone is one worth celebrating, so turn it up and listen loud.


    Five years since their last album, Mexican acoustic rock guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela are ready to embark on the next chapter of their remarkable story, with the release of the most ambitious music of their twenty year career together. There is not an ounce of excess baggage on the fresh, dynamic tunes that Rod and Gab present here, which blend metal, jazz and Hispanic roots music in their own unique, unmistakable style.

    Through relentless touring and terrific word-of-mouth support, Rodrigo y Gabriela have established themselves as an in-demand live act, particularly in America, where they sold out the Hollywood Bowl two nights and the Red Rocks Amphitheatre as recently as summer They are recognised by their fans and critics alike as being one of the top live touring acts in the world.

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