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Three easy steps to find and remove duplicate photo

This duplicate finder tool can help to delete duplicate photos, docs, music, videos, spreadsheets and even emails!

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It is fast and easy to use by simply dragging and dropping folders you wish to scan onto Easy Duplicate Finder. This app will then delete the unnecessary files from your Mac. You can even undo the files deleted by mistake with just a few clicks. Easy Duplicate Finder has numerous distinctive features such as a find and replace duplicate file mode, multiple custom scan modes and an interactive mode to help organize your files.

Bonus: Duplicate File Finder is an extra tool we are including which offers powerful duplicate file finder capabilities for Windows! Most of our selected apps above have been Mac specific but next tool really shines on Windows! Developed by Ashisoft, Duplicate File Finder is a free app that can find and remove duplicate files on your Windows computer.


Its powerful search engine can find files based on different criteria, such as filename or byte-by-byte. Duplicate File Finder even includes a binary level comparison which can find duplicates regardless of file names. Each search can be done on an entire drive or on a selected set of folders. Once started, the search session can be stopped and saved for later use. Search results can easily be filtered and sorted by multiple fields such as name, size, total size s , type and duplicate count.

Duplicate removal is easy and offers the option to move the files to the trash or delete them permanently. In addition to scanning your internal hard drives, Duplicate File Finder also works with removable media devices like USB drives and external hard drives.

Duplicate File Finder also offers a Pro version which contains added features, such as an advanced search which can show hidden files.

5 Best Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner Tools for Mac

Arthur Cole is a freelance content creator. Duplicate Photo Cleaner is another app on list to find and delete duplicate photos on your Mac. Like our previous app, this app also adds folder s , scan them with a click and delete duplicates. You are required to surf through all images and select the ones that you want to delete. Yet, you can trust the app for its accuracy and easy-handling. Download Here.

This is an another app in the list of best duplicate photo finder for mac. This app also has comparison criteria with which you can find specific duplicates laying on your Mac disk. Apart from these features, this app also does the same work for you within the similar interface that of other cleaner apps. Deleting duplicate files manually can be one messy task.

So, to overcome your burden here are the 10 best duplicate These are the 5 best duplicate photo cleaner apps on our list. Beside photos, you also get to accumulate duplicate files, which again take up considerable amount of memory on your storage space.

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Such files can be removed with Duplicate Files Fixer, which is another similar tool to delete duplicate photos or files on your Mac. Minal Khatri , How many images can I compare? There is no limit for the count of images that you can scan. The hardware that will affect the scan process the most is the performance of your storage. Do you provide a library or dll that will find duplicates? The corporate version provides a command line interface and can output the results in a text file.

Free Duplicates Finder

Take a look at the about page for more details. You will find command line parameters and sample output in the help file. Please download our demo for a live test. Can we compare scanned text and image documents? Yes you can. We have already customers that have integrated the product into their systems for such aim and compare automatically scanned data. The image also provides skew detection and will find duplicates even if the scan is poor.

Find Duplicate Photos on your Mac with a Few Clicks

Do you sponsor educational institutions? Yes we have already sponsored schools and universities in the past and we will be glad to do it again. Just contact us. Due to the huge amount of data that the application processes it is possible to find damaged files in your image collection.

What you can do? Which duplicate file finder to choose? Please read this small article on the topic "Which duplicate file finder to choose? What is the issue?

duplicate image finder mac free Duplicate image finder mac free
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duplicate image finder mac free Duplicate image finder mac free
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Duplicate image finder mac free

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