Cisco 3750 find port mac address

On a Layer 2 switch:

Your default router is probably a good point to find MAC-to-IP mappings, as most hosts should have one there.

At a guess, the problem you're having is down to incorrect mapping between the labels on the floor ports and your switching cabinet. You can use. You could have also simply looked up mac address of machine if you had access to it.

Juniper Switch Not Learning Mac Address

Then you can use command. This will tell you the port at which packets belonging to that MAC address will be forwarded. If that port is a trunk port, ie another switch is connected at that port then you can follow the same steps on the other switch, until you find port at which hosts are connected.

If cdp is enabled you can use command.

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Also it is assumed that complete network uses only cisco manageable switches. Google should be able to give you a bunch of options there for your operating system. You can use something like the Netfinder Pro to verify which port 's correspond to which patch panel 's. If jack 28 doesn't go through to port 28, then you should probably distrust the rest of the numbering and just do a manual check. This will verify the port that the pc is plugged into and lable the port accordingly.

On a Layer 3 switch:

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Juniper Switch Not Learning Mac Address

Two issues: 1 A few of the network jack numbers don't seem to be syncing up with the labels on the relay racks. Citizen Chin Citizen Chin 1 1 gold badge 10 10 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges. Again on the first hop routers, extract the list of ARP entries for each subnet: show ip arp interface vlan This will give you all the IPs and MAC addresses of every device that responded to the ping. Map known devices to switch ports Take the list of MAC addresses and use it to determine which switch port each device is connected to. Map unknown devices to switch ports For those IPs that you couldn't map to known devices, the commands in the previous section will tell you which port you need to check.

Also, run: show mac-address-table with no arguments. Map flagged ports to outlets For all the ports you have flagged i. Murali Suriar Murali Suriar 8, 8 8 gold badges 36 36 silver badges 59 59 bronze badges. Use this command on the Cisco router's CLI: traceroute mac xxxx.

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Joseph Joseph 3, 22 22 silver badges 33 33 bronze badges. Scott Pack Scott Pack You can have only one management interface or VLAN enabled at a time, so if you configure a second VLAN interface for management, the first one will be shut down or disabled. It will not be deleted, but it will be disabled. You will have to disable it and enable the other one. Enter the following commands to start using the first VLAN interface again and shut down the second one:.

When you are working on the console of a switch, you will often see status messages from various things that happen on the switch, such as when a device is connected to a port and the link is enabled.

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If you are using a remote terminal session through Telnet or SSH, then you do not see these status messages. This copies all terminal messages to your remote terminal session. If you are working on the console or have terminal monitor running, you will receive a status message telling you that the interface has been enabled and can be used again. The message will be similar to the following:.

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  7. Now you have all the information required and then some to configure a switch interface. Port Security allows us to specify a single MAC Address to be connected to a specific port, thus restricting access to a specific computer.

    How to Trace a MAC Address (on Cisco)

    In the case of a violation, Port Security will automatically disable the port. This is the behaviour of the default port security policy when enabling Port Security. Following is a configuration example of port security:. Once a host is connected to the port, we can get more information on its port-security status and actions that will be taken when a violation occurs :. Note that the Violation Mode is set to Shutdown.

    While it's almost always necessary to know when a port security violation occurs there are some circumstances where autorecovery is a desirable feature, especially durng accidental violations. The following commands enable the autorecovery feature 30 seconds after a port security violation :. To view the Errdisabled reasons, and see for which reason the autorecovery feature has been enabled, use the show Errdisable recovery command:.

    We have now confirmed that autorecovery is enabled for port-security violations. If it is required to enable the Errdisable autorecovery feature for all supported reasons, use the following command:. To test our configuration we forced a port security violation, causing the switch to place the offending port in the shutdown state.

    Notice we've enabled autorecovery for all Errdisable reasons and the time left to enable the interfaces placed in shutdown state by the port security violation:.

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