Itunes to android transfer for mac

Method 2: Using iTunes to Android Transfer
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  3. 4 Methods to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android?

Several third-party programs allow you to directly transfer your iTunes music to Android. This application lets you transfer your playlists, music, and videos from iTunes to your Android phone.

How to transfer music from iTunes to Android

When syncing files using doubleTwist, take note that the copied music files will stored in the Music folder inside the internal SD card of the phone or tablet. From here, you can use doubleTwist to transfer all music files, playlists, or selected music files from iTunes to your Android phone. The free version lets you sync one playlist at a time with a maximum of songs.

Yet, it is not impossible to transfer music from iTunes to your Android phone.

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  • In fact, these tools make it quite easy! While not all your music might be available in the cloud, Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music are just three options that cover a pretty wide breadth of musical genres. For those that would rather keep to physical music on their device, which of the methods worked for you? Are you using a method not described here?

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    4 Methods to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

    All discussion has been moved to the comments section of our articles, so start clicking on the topics you're interested in to dive back into the conversation! Ryan Vergara. You Might Like. Step 1: Download iSkysoft Phone Transfer. Install it on your computer and launch it. Step 3: As you can see, transferring iTunes to your Android need not be an uphill task.

    Method 1: Manual Way – Drag & Drop

    If it is tedious, time-consuming, and causing you a lot of effort to keep sets of your favorite songs to your device, how much more if you have other devices you also want to store music in? As an example, gone are the days wherein you need to re-download the content to your Android devices that are not compatible with Apple Products, thanks to technology and the help of iTunes to Android Transfer app. That is, all being Apple or all being Android.

    But the problem lies when you have to transfer music from iTunes to Android or vice versa.

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    • With its easy to use feature, you can now listen to your favorite songs without being tied down to only one device. DoubleTwist is your go-to app for all your music playback needs. This music player app is a whole new experience as it proves how it has become easier and faster now to keep your songs and your playlists without having to worry about re-saving and re-downloading music, because it can now sync them with your Apple and Android Devices like Samsung, HTC, Sony and more into one podcast, it provides less hassle and more fun to most users.

      AirSync is an excellent add-on feature that comes with the doubleTwist app for Android. AirSync enables you to keep your iTunes music collection synchronized with your Android device without connecting a USB cable. A small fee is usually charged for installing AirSync. To pair your Android device with your computer, you must use the unique number that will be shown on your Android device. Usually, the doubleTwist client on your PC will request for this number once it has detected your mobile device.

      After this has been done, your device will appear in doubleTwist and you can transfer your music. Sync iTunes with Android enables you to transfer your music, playlists, videos and podcasts from iTunes to any Android through a wireless connection.

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      The app is also called Synctunes wireless pro. It is compatible with Mac and Windows as well as Android tablets and smartphones. It organizes the songs you have transferred by artist and album on your mobile device and allows you to filter the tracks you want to synchronize. To use the Sync iTunes with Android Pro, you must uninstall the free version first. Then install the paid version on your Android device and the desktop client on your PC or Mac.

      After installation, ensure that your Android device and computer are connected on the same Wi-Fi network. Then start the Synctunes app on your Android device. Next, load the Synctunes desktop app on your computer. It will auto detect your Android device and request for an ip and port number to connect to the Android device. Type them in and allow it to connect.

      How to Sync iTunes Library and Playlists Mac to Android (via USB)

      Then you can drag and drop your iTunes playlists to sychronize them on Android. It enables you to transfer playlists, podcasts, videos, music and other iTunes files to Android and then you can sort them by album or artist. This app is actually the free version of Synctunes wireless.

      It allows you to sync a maximum of songs per session. It is advisable to try this version before using the paid version. The free version works with a free windows application. To use it, you need to install the Android app from the Google play store. Then install the windows application. Install the Synctunes windows desktop app. After installation, the app will start automatically. Enter the required IP address and port number and then you can select the playlist you want to sync to your mobile device. Slideshow Maker Stock Video. PDF Converter.

      How to Transfer iTunes to Android Phone. Free Trial Free Trial. Phone Transfer 1. Phone to Phone Transfer 2.

      Android Transfer

      Free Phone Transfer Software 3. Android Phone Transfer 5. Samsung Phone Transfer 6. Bluetooth Data Transfer 7.

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